TR's first message to Congress

TR's first message to Congress

By Best of Scarborough | Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
TR while hunting shot three grouses along with some trout, a buck, and some ducks.
This is a picture of a buck, similar to one that TR would have hunted for the day of his entry.
Came out of the woods today, good fun but not much fishing.
Since TR didn't catch a lot of fish the day of his diary entry we decided to choose a picture of a single trout to represent what he would have caught that day.
We think that this photo of TR on a horse represents his first message to congress which was about the importance of conserving or keeping animals alive.

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I really enjoyed your TR's trail, and I thought you did a really good job. Your pictures really explained the recording, and it was very clear. You taught me a lot of new info! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! GOOD JOB!!!!!!!!!