Our Impact on Curly-Leaf Pondweed

Slide 1. About You: your school, usernames of you and your partner: 
Maranacook Community Middle School, Readfield Maine 04355. We have 300 students. JF2019, SM2019, CB2020, SD2021
Slide 3. State your challenge and why it’s important to your community: 
Our challenge was to try and raise awareness of the imact curly-leaf pond weed has on Maine lakes, ponds, and streams. The imact of our challenge was that we raised awareness about curly-leaf pond weed.
Slide 4. Explain your solution project for the challenge. What action did you take? : 
Our solution was that we made fliers and hung them up in places that people would see them, and then they would know about the effects of curly-leaf pondweed.
Slide 5. Summarize your results with words, AND with a graph or diagram. Did you make an impact?: 
We did make an impact 1/8 of inteaded group which is RSU 38 will see our flier on average. This will help accomplish our goal becuase it will raise awareness about Curly-Leaf Pondweed.
Slide 6. How could you have solved this challenge differently?: 
We could have done panflits and handed them out to people. Or we could have done a presentation for a group of people.
Slide 7. What is one thing you would do differently if you took on this challenge again?: 
We could have have notified more people, and contacted more people to hang fliers up, in more places.
List the images, videos, quotes, and other artifacts you need for your presentation from your state teammates: 

We need pictures of Curly-Leaf Pondweed from our state teammates and quotes that will go with our presentation.  

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Slide 2. Your Big Idea (need title): 



Nice presentation, but there don't seem to be any citations for your sources.


Nice work!
Solution Video Title: 
Our impact on Curly-Leaf Pondweed
Partner 1's Reflection Title: 
What I've learned and got from this.
Partner 2's Reflection Title: