Water conservation

Slide 1. About You: your school, usernames of you and your partner: 
There are about 680 kids in our schools. gmsst3: I like to swim play soccer and dance! gmsjl: I like to work on golf carts and anything with an engine. gmsnb: I like to play in the snow with my brother and my dogs I also enjoy playing on the Xbox and swimming
Slide 3. State your challenge and why it’s important to your community: 
Our challenge is to get rain barrels on a shed at our school.
Slide 4. Explain your solution project for the challenge. What action did you take? : 
First we put up the gutters because the shed didn't have any. Second we put a down spout and then the barrels with 4 cinderblocks under the barrels. Then we put sealant on the cracks around the gutter right where it goes into the barrel.
Slide 5. Summarize your results with words, AND with a graph or diagram. Did you make an impact?: 
In the end we are saving water for our school. We have not gotten any results because it has not rained since we have put the gutters up. We did do a questionnaire that we put out to all the 7th graders Some of the results and questions were: What kinds of water do you give your pets? Tap water: 109 water bottles: 7 I don't have pets: 21 Water from the hose: 8 water from the sink: 1
Slide 6. How could you have solved this challenge differently?: 
We could have solved it differently by letting the glue dry before we tried the gutter with water.
Slide 7. What is one thing you would do differently if you took on this challenge again?: 
I think that if we took on this challenge again I would put the gutter on more of an angle because when we tried the gutter with water it wasn't really moving that fast.
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I think this is a neat idea.
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Water conservation
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Water conservation Josh and Sarah
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water conservation