Steps along TR's Trail - Blue27

Steps along TR's Trail - Blue27

By Best of Scarborough | Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens
A wooded trail, similar to one that TR would have traveled on.
This is a photo pf the Seawall house, the owner was a friend of TR.
I have just come back from a ten day hike with my guide Seawall; I had intended to stay longer but found game so scarce that I thought I would return and try the Selois Lakes
This is a dugout canoe, just like one that TR might have traveled in.
This is The Grand Canyon, an amazing place that TR made a national monument.

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TR's Trail

I like your recording. You did a really good job with it, and your pictures match it very well. Great job overall!

TR's Trail

I really liked your pictures and you had really good info. Good job with it!


I really like itttttt

Good Job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think you did a great job!!!!!!!!!!, But on the audio you spoke Bill Seawells name, and you pronounced it like sea-wall, but his name is actually pronounced sue-wll. Great job though!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I find the canoe interesting. I really liked the pictures

TR's Trail

I really like your pictures, and I think you chose a great journal entry from TR's journal.


nice job on the pictures!


i really liked the canoe picture i wonder if it was the one he traveled with?

TR's Trail

Nice information

TR trail

Great job on all of your facts and your pictures

Very Good Job!

I really liked how you produced and practiced I could clearly understand it! Also love your selection of photos!