Biodiversity Project

Slide 1. About You: your school, usernames of you and your partner: 
We go to Fort Fairfield Middle High School. Our usernames are Supernatural, Cinnvex, and sprucy_bluegrass.
Slide 3. State your challenge and why it’s important to your community: 
Our challenge is to inform people about invasive species. It is important to our community, because people will be informed and help make a difference.
Slide 4. Explain your solution project for the challenge. What action did you take? : 
We decided to teach the 5th graders about invasive species. We emailed the 5th grade teachers about it and started to make newsletters and worksheets.
Slide 5. Summarize your results with words, AND with a graph or diagram. Did you make an impact?: 
Yes, we did make an impact. They improved by 30%.
Slide 6. How could you have solved this challenge differently?: 
We could've made a brochure to pass out to people, so they can read it and be informed.
Slide 7. What is one thing you would do differently if you took on this challenge again?: 
We would probably make it a little more organized.
List the images, videos, quotes, and other artifacts you need for your presentation from your state teammates: 

Can you guys send us a photo of cartoon children in a classroom? Also, can you send us a cool photo of something to do with biodiversity?

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loved it. great job. impact! action! bravo.
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Biodiversity Project
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Sprucy_Bluegrass's Reflection Video
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