Pollinator Patch

Slide 1. About You: your school, usernames of you and your partner: 
DISESIC DISESKH Deer Isle Elementary School
Slide 3. State your challenge and why it’s important to your community: 
Ower challenge is to learn how to support pollinators.
Slide 4. Explain your solution project for the challenge. What action did you take? : 
We created a pollinator pach
Slide 5. Summarize your results with words, AND with a graph or diagram. Did you make an impact?: 
We must wait for the results.
Slide 6. How could you have solved this challenge differently?: 
We should have planted more and sooner.
Slide 7. What is one thing you would do differently if you took on this challenge again?: 
I would plant seeds in many different places.
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Slide 2. Your Big Idea (need title): 


big idea

Nice job! I liked the music

big idea

god job!
Solution Video Title: 
The Pollinator Patch
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