Twinzies 01 Phase 1

Slide 1. About Your School: your school name, location, geography, number of students at your school: 
10 miles from New Hampshire, We go to Sanford Jr High School We live in Sanford,Maine We're 15 miles from the ocean We have a lot of Hills,lakes,rivers,streams,and rich soil.
Slide 2. About You: usernames of you and your partner, 3 things to share (your skills, interests, talents): 

Pandabear123,I'm interested in animals,im interested in helping the earth,my talent is singing,

ILoveDogs_01, I love music and singing, and I'm good at football, baseball and I love the out doors.

Corona_16, I love my 3 horses, ive been riding for almost 7 years. 

Slide 3. Local Resources: Like TR would do, list the natural resources or land in conservation in your town: 

We have lots of land and conservation, we have several watersheds, natural minerals,(sand and gravel),great farming soil,forest,fresh water (streams,lakes,rivers,ponds)

Slide 4. Big Idea: Which Big Idea will you and your partner focus on? Pick one.: 
Slide 5. Your Challenge Idea: What local challenge will you and your partner take on and find a solution to?: 
We would like to help save moose populations.
This challenge issue is important to us and our community because...: 
We could help save moose populations, so they can be able to survive the winter with all the ticks.
Who or what will your challenge impact?: 
Moose populations.
Upload your Challenge Presentation: 
Challenge Video Title: 
Moose and climate change



I thought your video was good, especially at the end when you asked a question and their was that comparison. Great job!

feed back

i like how you did the video and the slide where long enough for me to read. and i like how u did speaking you where loud and proud .

Thank you so much guys!

Thank you. We worked really hard on it.

great job!

great job! I think that it would convince almost anybody about saving moose, but i think it could use a little bit more about climate change. besides that it was perfect.