Wasteland Kings phase 1

Slide 1. About Your School: your school name, location, geography, number of students at your school: 
We are from SJHS, we are in southern Maine, 10 miles from NH, 15 from the coast, and we have 650 students in the school.
Slide 2. About You: usernames of you and your partner, 3 things to share (your skills, interests, talents): 

Hey guys we are Woldude and CSGOStriker. Wolfdude likes playing sports, loves video games, and athletic, CSGOStriker like playing football, video games, and ducks.

Slide 3. Local Resources: Like TR would do, list the natural resources or land in conservation in your town: 

There are lots of land in conservation, forests, fresh water, great farming soil, natural minerals (sand and gravel), and several watersheds.

Slide 4. Big Idea: Which Big Idea will you and your partner focus on? Pick one.: 
Slide 5. Your Challenge Idea: What local challenge will you and your partner take on and find a solution to?: 
We will take the Biodiversity to save golden eagles from being extinct.
This challenge issue is important to us and our community because...: 
We need to increase this birds population because it only lays two eggs in April.
Who or what will your challenge impact?: 
The golden eagles.
Upload your Challenge Presentation: 
Challenge Video Title: 
Phase 1 video