Slide 1. About Your School: your school name, location, geography, number of students at your school: 
Cherryfield Elementary, Cherryfield Maine, very small, 120 students K-8
Slide 2. About You: usernames of you and your partner, 3 things to share (your skills, interests, talents): 

b_ballr_24 ~ I am a 2014 world champion horse back rider in the Youth World Appaloosa horse club. I play basketball at school, and I like hanging with my friends. 


b_ballr10 ~ I am not only a lion, I am a panther. I play basketball with a 

Slide 3. Local Resources: Like TR would do, list the natural resources or land in conservation in your town: 

Blueberries, apples, 

Slide 4. Big Idea: Which Big Idea will you and your partner focus on? Pick one.: 
Slide 5. Your Challenge Idea: What local challenge will you and your partner take on and find a solution to?: 
We want to maintain the trails, keep them clean, and try to avoid cutting down large amounts of trees at once.
This challenge issue is important to us and our community because...: 
My friends and I go four wheeling, and we like riding on the ATV trails. Many tourists like the views that we have in Maine, which we can see from our trails.
Who or what will your challenge impact?: 
The people who live in Maine, and the people who want to visit Maine.
Upload your Challenge Presentation: 
Challenge Video Title: 
Wheels On The Go