AsianCheerleader23 and owls_21

Slide 1. About Your School: your school name, location, geography, number of students at your school: 
We go to Cherryfield Elementary School located in Cherryfield Maine. There are 121 students at our school. Our geography is hills, rivers, and oceans.
Slide 2. About You: usernames of you and your partner, 3 things to share (your skills, interests, talents): 

 Our usernames are owls_21 and AsianCheerleader23. We like owls, turtles, and cheering.

Slide 3. Local Resources: Like TR would do, list the natural resources or land in conservation in your town: 

The Narraguagus River runs through Cherryfield and we have a lot of forests and blueberry barrens.

Slide 4. Big Idea: Which Big Idea will you and your partner focus on? Pick one.: 
Slide 5. Your Challenge Idea: What local challenge will you and your partner take on and find a solution to?: 
Our Idea is to keep and improve our waterways clean for turtles to live in.
This challenge issue is important to us and our community because...: 
It is important because we love turtles and without clean habitats they could become endangered which would be a loss to the community.
Who or what will your challenge impact?: 
It will impact the river, turtles, and the people who use the river.
Upload your Challenge Presentation: 
Challenge Video Title: 
Conserving Our Turtles' Rivers



You did veryyyy good


Great video!!


Great video you guys! It had great audio and I liked the information you gave, and one question. Have you ever seen a turtle out in the wild?